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S. 75, 78 (1998) (quoting Castaneda v

S. 75, 78 (1998) (quoting Castaneda v

57. See McDonnell Douglas, 411 U.S. during the 804-05 (analytical facts proving an enthusiastic employer’s general rules or behavior does apply so you’re able to if or not private a job choice try discriminatory); Bell v. Age.P.A beneficial., 232 F.three dimensional 546, 553-54 (7th Cir. 2000) (claiming analytical facts may be “relevant to and you can probative of problem of pretext even in the event it is insufficient to support a cycle and practice different medication case” and you will “evidence one to blacks are not promoted as much since the nonblacks, even though perhaps not statistically high, continues to be circumstantial proof you’ll discrimination”).

58. See Furnco Constr. Corp. v. Seas, 438 U.S. 567, 579-80 (1978) (if you’re “[a] racially balanced employees usually do not immunize an employer out of responsibility for certain acts regarding discrimination, . . . [p]rooftop you to [the latest employer’s] personnel try racially balanced or it contains a beneficial disproportionately large part of fraction staff is not completely irrelevant”).

59. Select Reeves, 530 You.S. on 147 (“Evidence that defendant’s factor is actually unworthy regarding credence is basically you to definitely kind of circumstantial facts which is probative out-of intentional discrimination, also it can getting a bit persuasive.Read More